Suporte de Mesa Ajustável para Headphones


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Children’s room:

Are you annoyed with the clutter in the children’s room? Having an Ewent headphone stand will help make the room tidier. The headset will not be in the way and the cable will be organized. The stand doesn’t take up a lot of space on a desk or counter and keeps things tidy.

Indispensable for your home or office desk

This stand is a must-have item for you. Place the stand on any table and hang your headphones on it. Going out for dinner? Keep it in your bag and then use it at the restaurant; hang the bag next to you on the bracket. It will help prevent theft and loss. Have the headphones in one place and avoid leaving them in any way and anywhere.

Instead of leaving your headphones randomly lying on the table, allow it to have a place in your home.

Soft silicone plate, better grip

The earhook plate has a silicone surface that protects the earphone headband pad, preventing damage to the earphones. Also, it is made of solid, durable material.


The hook plate has a silicone protection to protect surfaces from whatever hangs on it; does not scratch the surface of what it is placed on and does not slide.

Feature Feature Value
Tipo de produto Mola
Compatibilidade da marca Universal
Material Alumínio, Silicone
Cor do produto Preto
Pés de borracha Sim
Base antiderrapante Sim
Largura 110 mm
Profundidade 30 mm
Altura 92 mm
Peso 90 g
Quantidade 1
Guia de utilizador Sim